Monday, December 6, 2010

caNmaKe fRom jaPaN~~

hi girls..
jumaat lepas 3/12 aku jejalan kt e@curve n then singgah jap kt sasa..pusing punye pusing,jumpa 1 product canmake.belek2 cam best lak produk aku pon mintak la tolong promoter sasa tu..aku pon try loose cheek = blusher la...ok shimmer lg..memang cun kalo pakai tok dinner..menyerlahkan pipi anda yg memang da menyerlah tu..then,jumpa lak lip concealer..aku pon beli jer..jom kite tengok review produk2 yg aku beli tuh..

Product Photo

Loose Cheek

This loose blusher blends gently into your cheeks, for soft-looking, highly touchable skin.  Adjust the shading to suit your tastes!! Contains large pearl particles that twinkle brightly.
This loose powder blends gently into your skin.
This loose blusher melts gently into your cheeks, for a natural finish. 
Easy to adjust, when you want a darker or lighter effect. Available in your favorite shades. 
Comes with a fluffy puff that gives your skin an even softer look.
For skin that glints in the light☆
The loose powder means that the large pearl particles do not fly off into the air, and cling tightly to your skin. For cheeks with a touch of sparkling color.
Contains silicone powder for a smooth texture.
color image
[01] Baby Pink☆
Baby pink meets gold pearl for a cute, doll-like face.
color image
[02] Rose Pink☆
Rose pink meets gold pearl to create the face of a princess on whom all gazes will be riveted.
color image
[06] Mauve pink☆
Mauve pink × silver lame = a lovable, girlish look
color image
[07] Cinnamon sugar☆
Beige orange × gold pearl = a cool, opulent look
color image
[08] Peach Squash
Coral pink × gold pearl = an alluringly innocent face.

* ooppss..loose cheek tu aku beli 'mauve pink'..mmg best..

Product Photo

Lip Concealer Moist In'

Erase lip color and improve the color and lasting power of your lipstick with our new Lip Concealer!!
The Savior of Nude-look Make-up ☆
We’ve created a moist-type product containing moisturizing agents from our super-popular lip concealer!
The savior of nude-look make-up! Eliminates lip redness!
● Fantastic news for those with red lips, for whom nude-look make-up doesn’t go according to plan!Use this as a lip base, to completely cover lip redness!
Achieve the perfect nude-look lipstick or lip gloss color!!!
● Also covers the horizontal lines that are the arch-enemy of nude-look make-up!
For plump, kissable lips!
● A cute milky pink like flower petals – can also be used on its own as a nude-look lip cream.
Plump and pouty! Moist type, for long-lasting moisture
Moisture-rich formulation containing conditioning agents, to prevent your lips drying out.
Prevents lips drying or chapping, for long-lasting plump, pouty, girlish lips ♡
Blend with your favorite color! Also makes it easy to achieve milky-look lips ☆
● Use the lip concealer as a base for your lipstick or lip gloss, then apply over the top of your gloss, as though mixing them together, to give your gloss a milky look! Blend to create the ideal color for you ☆

Thursday, December 2, 2010


* ngangkung mmg terbaeekkk!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

pRoMosi hujuNg taHun~~

sempena cuti sekolah dan hujung tahun ni,mesti rmai yg nk melangsungkan pertunangan,nak jadi pengapit,dinner,g wedding n ape2 function yg u'oll nak saya akan memberi harga promotion make up pada anda semua...

tRiaL maKe uP : Rm 30
maKe up diNneR / fuNtioN : Rm 50
maKe uP uTk peRtuNangaN : Rm 80

* so,emel n contact sya cepat2 sebelum new year...tq..=)